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About Us

Intimate store – Explore & Experience Pleasure

Its all about intimacy and connection, and to make our customers feel special


What we do

The curve of a woman’s back, the look in his eye and the tension rising between them is all it takes for intimacy to occur.

Intimate Store, Zimbabwe’s first premium adult toy store, can help you discover what you need from your partner, and provide you with the ideas and ways to connect with them as well as yourself, by indulging in an intimate experience that will have you coming back for and wanting more. Sex shouldn’t be a planned activity; it should be spontaneous, inviting and exciting.

Intimate Store believes in turning sex into an act of discovery and exploration – for you and your partner – with our range of products and services. A world of fun, knowledge, adventure and self-discovery awaits you with a selection of self and partner satisfying adult sex toys and accessories.

Being intimate with someone is not only about sex, it’s about making a connection, and to do so you need to lower your walls, explore your imagination and trust one another to fulfil your every fantasy. True intimacy begins before the bedroom, the dining room table or even the kitchen floor – it begins with you and knowing what you want and what you are looking for from your partner.

Why we do what we do

Intimate Store offers you the opportunity to change the way you approach intimacy. Pleasure is not about re-enacting the same routine over and over; it’s about discovering who you and your partner are, and what you both like. Create and discover new experiences with us as your guide, and let your curiosity be fulfilled.


Established in 2017, Intimate Store founded by a dedicated team whose sole desire is to make sure that you reconnect with yourself and your partner in your comfort zone is an exclusive online store. Your privacy is our main concern, and we pride ourselves on providing discreet purchasing, packaging and delivering of goods. Whether you have purchased lingerie, adult sex toys, lubricants or accessories, we understand that this is a personal purchase and treat it with the utmost privacy.


Intimate Store aims to liberate your sensuality and include it in your intimate acts; giving you the opportunity and the confidence to explore your sexuality and sexual likes by guiding you through the store to find something that speaks to you.


Intimate Store aims to remove the social stigmas around the purchasing and owning of sex toys. Each of our products is carefully vetted, well-researched and aligned with our brand and product strategy to ensure that every item meets the highest standard of sensual luxury.

For Good

Intimate Store is working to change the mind-sets of many that the subject of sex and the enjoyment of sex through less conventional ways is taboo. We believe that Zimbabwe is ready to take this leap of faith and this opportunity to explore a new level of intimacy and take part in the discussions to promote and advance sexual and reproductive health and rights.

Intimate Store is providing Zimbabwe with the opportunity to take part in a discreet, private upmarket shopping experience, by offering them a range of premium adult sex toys and at the same time giving them the chance to explore their own sensuality, their partners sensuality and discover a whole new side to their intimate journey.

Intimate Store also pledges that for every ONE Adult product purchased, ONE sanitary pack will be donated for distribution to girls from marginalized communities.

What we value

At Intimate Store we value your pleasure and your self-discovery. We understand that intimate acts can be “embarrassing” for some and we would like to lift this stigma and encourage others to explore the connections made this act. When it comes to sex and the exploration of sensuality, we know that many factors need to be valued:

  • Pleasure
  • Love
  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Truth
  • Inclusivity